Is Hiring Local Technician Is Safe?

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In the present scenario we are surrounded by gadgets or home appliances. Technology eases out our daily work and make life very comfortable at the same time comfort converts into discomfort when any gadgets or home appliances get out of order. For maintaining or servicing of these home appliances we need to call technicians at home. Hiring a technician in Jaipur is really a very tough job. It becomes a huge task when you are new in the area. Also the technician who is going to visit our home is entirely unknown for us and we don’t know his back like his previous police record, qualification and expertise in the field.

It is a big challenge to find an expert technician for the work we want to get done at our home. The general practice to call a technician is to go to nearby shop of concerned service and ask for expert technicians. The shop owner assures that the technician will visit very but we use to wait for hours even sometime for couple of days but neither technician come nor shop owner gives proper attention to our complain, we get stuck at home, hanging up all our important works, appointments etc but it is very rare that technician will come within the stipulated time limit assured by the shop owner. We keep calling shop owner and he assures us for the technician’s arrival in short duration. After a long wait and keeping all our important work secondary when we get the technician at our door step actual troubles starts. The technicians, in the most of cases, are too rude to deal with and after so many contretemps if we manage him to work and negotiate the service charge of the work another stage of troubles starts as he keeps us standing on our toes by demanding various items to be used while working. The normal tendency of these technicians is to give a list of spare parts in piecemeal, which irritates us and keep us busy for the whole day to bring spare parts.


After completion of work bundle of troubles opens up as he has not done the work up to full perfection, some problems are still not sorted out but he demands the full service charge, committed at the time of commencement of the work. We cannot argue with him as he is very rude and never admits the problem still sustaining. Any how we have to pay the full amount and in a very bad mood technician leaves the house. The final stage of trouble begins if the problem sorted out by the technician reoccurs. We call the shop owner or directly to the technician (as we have taken his contact number during the service), they again assure us for a visit in a short duration. After the same long or short he may or may not attend the problem without charging the additional.

This is the general phenomenon how our local nearby technicians help us. These are the basic but not the least problem what we have to face in our daily life if we have to deal with a technician.  The technician coming to our home may not be safe for our home. He may not be a trained and professional worker which may lead to damage our gadgets or appliances. They are freelancers so they may charge any amount and will not offer any guarantee of the service. The problem sorted out by him may reoccur in a day or two, but due to lack of accountability and guarantee, we have to search another technician for same problem. Apart from this, safety of our family especially housewives and old aged persons is also a major concern when these non verified technicians comes our home to give services.

So now a question arises that to whom we should call or contact for these daily needs, there is no solution which would be safe, perfect, cost effective and on time.

These all are the reason for the need of such an agency that provides us the technicians who are police verified, qualified as well as expert in their field, well mannered to make our home a happy and perfect place for living. The agency shall be responsible for on time & cost effective guaranteed service.

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